A unified body of individuals:​

The 1990's, Rane Rotary Mixers, unique experiences, safety stations, my friends and that deeep guiding music!

These are just a few examples as to why I'm so attached to sharing what I feel is something the underground dance music community is losing. Evolution is necessary, but this is a movement to help preserve what has become second nature to us. 

This we call, deeep music!

Deeep is a low key community of like minded individuals that share the passion for underground music, special experiences that fuel a unification of music, dance and the dance music community.

In 2017, we are teaming up with TRANCEBLUCENT PRODUCTIONS, ROGUE ALLIANCE and BLACK SKULL ENTERTAINMENT to bring you the most memorable experiences in 2017.

If you have an interest or passion for hula hooping and fire poi, check out and join Divine Hoopdance:



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